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Doctor of Physical Therapy, IPMR

Physical therapy is an essential segment of modern health care system. It is a “science of healing and art of caring”. It pertains to the evaluation, assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-Vascular and Respiratory systems’ functional disorders including symptoms of pain, enema, physiological, structural and psychosomatic ailments. It also deals with methods of treatment based on movement, manual therapy, physical agents, and therapeutics modalities to relieve the pain and other complications. Hence, Physical therapy covers basic parameters of healing sciences i.e. preventive, promotive, diagnostic, rehabilitative, and curative.


The purpose of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT) is to prepare Physical Therapists who will:

  1. Be primary providers of physical therapy care.
  2. Serve as responsible members in the professional community and are willing and able to assume leadership roles in the communities they serve. 
  3. Identify researchable problems, advocate and participate in research, and incorporate research findings into clinical practice.
  4. Understand and place in context the social, economic and cultural issues of practice and effectively advocate for changes in policy
  5. Correlate theory with practice and think creatively about, react to, adapt or shape new practice environments.  
  6. Participate in and provide education for communities, patients, peers, students and others.
Semesters 10 (6 Months/Semester)
Duration 5 Years



Institutes offering this Program

  • KMU Institute of Health Sciences Swat, IHS Swat
  • KMU Institute of Physical Medical and Rehabilitation, IPMR